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Review: The Space Between Us by Megan Hart

Title: The Space Between Us

Author: Megan Hart

Publisher: Harlequinn MIRA

Publication Date: September 2012

Genre: Adult Erotica/Romance

Series or Stand Alone: Stand Alone

Synopsis can be found here.
NetGalley review.


I'm a big fan of Megan Hart so when I saw this title was available for review on NetGalley, I jumped at it. There's so much depth and emotion to Hart's novels it's no wonder she's so popular. She's romantic and erotica and that always keeps me hooked till the last page.

This book drew me in, but didn't keep me. Telsa, a coffee shop girl, is propositioned by Meredith, a beautiful patron, to sleep with her husband Charlie. Of course, Charlie is handsome, shy and awkward, seeming to only really be involved in this because Meredith, a force of nature, wants to try new things. Telsa accepts and finds herself in a love story, if only a bit unconventional. The sex scenes are hot and the story moves fast. It was fun to see some of other Hart's characters stop by the coffee shop. I especially enjoyed seeing Sadie and Joe, as that is my favorite book

I like Telsa as a character, though I didn't feel a deep emotional connection to her like I've felt with other of Hart's heroines. Telsa's family life, the one she leaves behind for other circumstances, is warm, loving but not without complications. Through glimspes of her past, we see how Telsa has evolved, her motivations and what she's really longing for in life.

The reason I may not have connected as much to the story is because of Meredith. It's really hard to see what Telsa loved about her. Meredith is manipulative, cruel, selfish and beautiful. She's a tornado, something to be awed at but don't want to get in its way. I found it difficult to not only like Meredith, but not want to shake Telsa and Charlie for their continued devotion and love towards Meredith. It made it really hard for me to believe their threesome.

Charlie is a harder character to pinpoint. Of course, the reader likes Charlie. I'm supposed to like Charlie, but there's something very sad and almost weak about him. Telsa is a great character, but I would have liked to see more about Charlie's transformation. He undergoes a big change, long time in the making, that I wish had been focused on more.

Overall, The Space Between Us is a good solid book filled with romance, complications and hot sex.. But it didn't have that extra emotional resonance that most other Hart books have.

Rating: 6 Good, but wouldn't own a copy

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