Friday, December 2, 2011

TGIF at G Reads! (5)


Thanks to G Reads! for hosting! And TGIF!

The question this week: Writing Reviews 101: What's your process for writing book reviews? Any tips or suggestions you would recommend to other bloggers?

I like writing my review only a few days after I've read the book. This gives me enough time to gather my thoughts and opinions on it. It also allows me to reflect on the book as a whole. Some books, it takes a while for them to grow on me. Others I love while I'm reading them. 

Occasionally, I will do a book review on one of my favorite books which I haven't read in a while. I'll go back and re-read the book or my favorite parts. 

I like to give a brief synopsis at the beginning of the review, so if the reader didn't want to go to the Goodreads sight for the official synopsis they don't have to. It's important for me to give a full review without the reader having to leave my blog.

My suggestion? Short and sweet. I like my book reviews to not contain spoilers that may ruin the book, and be short enough for you to read the review in less than five minutes.

Good luck to all you bloggers out there! And thanks again for reading!

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  1. Thanks for mentioning the no spoilers! That's seriously my biggest pet peeve with reviews! I also like to do my own blurb/synopsis of the book myself.. i feel like if I"cheat"and copy from goodreads that I'm ripping my readers off - which is weird because I don't feel that way when other people do it LOL

    GReat post!
    April @ My Shelf Confessions