Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday! (3)

Welcome back for another edition of Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and Bookish!
This week, the question is:

Top Ten Favorite Characters in a Genre

The genre I chose is Young Adult.
Here we go!

In no particular order:

1. Lucien from Jessica's Guide to Dating On The Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey
Lucien is a teenage vampire prince who is betrothed to Jessica, a horse loving, math loving Vegetarian!
The story is told from Jessica's point of view, but we do glimpse the letters Lucien sends home to his uncle. And they are hilarious. Dangerous, fierce and totally romantic, Lucien is probably one of my favorite YA characters. His charm, his loyalty but most of all- his sense of humor. I laughed out loud so many times. Killer. In more ways than one.

2. Scarlet from Scarlet by A. G. Gaughin
Will Scarlet is actually Scarlet in this retelling of the Robin Hood myth. She's brave, courageous and knows how to push the boundaries. I may have a warm spot in my heart especially because my best friends growing up were boys too. 

3. Lucy from The Drake Chronicles by Alyxandra Harvey
Lucy, Lucy, Lucy. She has a smart mouth and runs, literally runs, into danger. Her love for her best friend Solange, even when the girl is pretty damn evil, is unwavering. And the banter between Nicholas and her is laugh out loud funny. 

4. Auggie from Wonder by R. J Palacio
I'm throwing in Auggie, even though it is considered Middle Grade. Why? Because Auggie is one of those characters that stays with you even when the book is over. My eyes may, may, tear up when I see the cover of this book in stores. Auggie is a role model for many of us- good, forgiving and able to see what others cannot.

5. Mary from The Agency series by Y.S. Lee
Hello? Have you been reading these books yet? And if not, why not? Mary kicks some serious ass. Once a lonely orphan now undercover spy, Mary risks it all on an every day basis to solve crimes, uncover clues and sneak around Victorian London, sometimes as a boy. And she's super smart. And did I mention the boy she's fallen in love with, James? And how brave she is in this restricted society? And....

6. Harry from Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling
Yeah, like I have to list a reason?

7. Edward from Twilight by Stephanie Meyer
Dude, I know what you're going to say. I know. I know. But really, Edward is one of my favorite characters. Take him out of Twilight for just a minute and you'll see Meyers has created a sexy, dangerous and conflicted alpha male that should have probably been born into the world of paranormal romance. I kid not. He's just the type. This is the guy the women who read romance novels, myself included, swoon over. 

8. Gene and Finny from A Separate Peace by John Knowles
This is a book I read in high school and has stayed as one of my favorite books of all time. The complex love and guilt Gene feels through most of the story is expertly written by Knowles. His entire character is a delicate balance between envy, hate and love. Still a story that can bring me to tears.

9. Emma from Emma by Jane Austen
I sorta love Emma. Yes, she thinks she knows everything, including who people should fall in love with. But what's so great about dear Emma is that through all of her faults and misguided attempts, she does have everyone's best interest at heart. And when she's wrong, she knows she's wrong. And fully admits she's wrong, which can be one of the hardest thing to do. (oh and I know Emma may or may not be considered YA. But I threw her in there anyway)

10. Rose from The Vampire Academy series
She's strong, protective and can really fight. Most of all, Rose's story and character development really shines through the six book series. She's different at the end, making bad decisions and finding herself along the way. And hey, any girl that can slay some bad vampires is ok in my book!

Thanks for reading!
What do you think about my list? 
Do you have any favorite characters?

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  1. Lucy is my favorite character in the Drake Chronicles! She is super sassy and fun. I need to read The Vampire Academy and catch up with Mary from The Agency. Great list! Here is mine http://wp.me/pzUn5-1qt