Monday, March 18, 2013

Review: Exposed by Kyra Davis

Title: Exposed

Author: Kyra Davis

Publisher: Pocket Star

Publication Date: March 2013

Genre: Adult Erotica/Romance

Series or Stand Alone: Series, Book Two

Synopsis can be found here.
NetGalley Review.


Kasie is in trouble now. After her affair with her client, the alpha male Robert Dade, Kasie is caught cheating by her reliable yet boring fiance. But her fiance doesn't want to let her go. He wants her to suffer, for humiliating him and severing his trust in her. And so begins book two in this erotic trilogy. Power, reputations and control are major themes and Kasie has to choose between the life she carefully built and the life she wants with Dade.

I'll say it right now. I am not a fan of Kasie. She is too weak for me to stand behind her. This may be endearing some, but I find Kasie to be wishy washy and lacking strength of character. In the first story, it was bad, but it is almost unbearable in this sequel. Kasie is so unlikeable, I almost don't care who she ends up with.

In comparision, Dade is too aggressive, too alpha male. He has been rejected, and just can't  believe it. I think it's supposed to be seen as romantic, or lustful, but in this story, Dade treats Kasie even more like an object to be won, not at all like a human being. There is little true emotion in Dade, and even his connection to Kasie seems too anchored in sexual release than in her as a character or person. The characters in this book are taken to their extremes and left there, with only Kasie trying to navigate her way to understanding.

I would like to also comment that I do enjoy books with unsympathetic characters, or ones that have a very long road to redemption. But Dade's character is so distant, even to the reader, it's hard to see any journey for him besides his ruthlessness in getting what he wants.

And poor fiance Dave is left to become this mean spirited, angry fiance who is willing to do anything, including keep the cheating and lying Kasie, in order to save face. He is so unlikeable in this story, that any feelings of sympathy go flying out the window. As soon as Dade shows up, a menacing presence in the background, even Dave backs off slightly. Dade has won, and Kasie has lost all power again.

I was mostly frustrated reading this sequel. Kasie, Dade and Dave plunged from misguided people to mean and hard hearted characters. I don't like any of them in this story, and yet, I am totally drawn to the outcome. 
I can't say I liked this addition to the series, but I am still very curious to see how it turns out. 
And so, read on.

Rating 5 Ok, Decent like Diet Coke

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