Thursday, June 13, 2013

Review: Taken By Storm by Kelli Maine

Title: Taken By Storm

Author: Kelli Maine

Publisher: Forever

Publication Date: May 2013

Genre: Adult Romance

Series or Stand Alone: Series, Book Two

Synopsis can be found here.
NetGalley review.


MJ can't stop thinking about Maddie, the girl he had and lost. So when she shows up again he can't help but wonder why she left the first time.
Add this to his father's sudden appearance in his life, and MJ has more complications than ever!
Maddie had to walk away from MJ, but she didn't want to. But the big family secret and threatening grandfather was no match for the love she has for her own father. And she can't do anything that would put him at risk.
But the truth has a way of coming out...
I really wanted to like this book. But it fell flat. The story is ok, with a huge secret that once is revealed, honestly is a little bit too unbelievable for me. And even though I wanted to see what would happen to Maddie and MJ, I couldn't get past some of the dialogue. Forced and unnatural, I felt like Maddie and MJ are characters with a lot going on, but it's mostly talked about and not really shown.

The last story left off on a cliff hanger and I wanted to know more about Rachel and Merrick's reaction to them learning that he is a father! But this is all glossed over in the beginning because this is MJ and Maddie' story. And I'm not sure if I even like them.

I suppose by the end, I was invested enough to want them to be together, and to see what happens.
But I won't continue with the series.

Rating: 4 Not My Cup of Tea

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