Saturday, February 4, 2012

Shelf Candy! (14)

Thanks to Five Alarm Books for hosting Shelf Candy Saturday!

My Saturdays are way more fun because of it!

My Shelf Candy for this Saturday is:

13 Haunting Tales

Synopsis can be found here.

I love the green eerie cover, the black Gothic gown and the laces up the back. The girl waits out in the middle of a yellow dry field. Is she following someone? Or walking towards the figure in the background.
I'm not a huge fan of short stories, but I would definitely try this anthology.

Um, did I mention I love that gown? I want to try to make it, find it, buy it, wear it.
Maybe to work. Or around the house. Or, you know, out in a field, looking for mischief. ;)

What do you think?
What is your Shelf Candy!?


  1. What a great pick. I love the Gothic look out in the wheat field. Gorgeous lighting. Thanks for sharing it.
    BTW, you could totally rock this gown! Go for it. : )

  2. Very artistic cover. Haha yes find it and wear it while going out in the field looking for mischief! :D
    Here’s my Shelf Candy.

  3. i am not a huge fan of that thing in her hair but i do love the dress. i totally think you could find it somewhere. :)