Saturday, February 25, 2012

Shelf Candy! (17)

Thank you to Five Alarm Books who hosts Shelf Candy Saturday!

I love book covers and every Saturday, I'm excited to see what my fellow book bloggers have found!


Onto MY Shelf Candy!

My Shelf Candy for this Saturday is:

"Vanished" by Sheela Chari
Synopsis can be found here.

I was immediately drawn to the cover of this book. I love the high black rails of the open train station, the night sky glittering above. The grey background of an unfamiliar city and in the center, a clock. Bringing us down into the foreground where we see a lone girl between two trains and a musical instrument case, leaning on the other side.
Obviously, this girl has a choice to make. But what is it?
The warmth of the train station's light contrast beautifully to the dark green/blue of the night sky and the black shadow of the train station.
As soon as I saw this book, I knew it had to be a Shelf Candy.

What do you think?


  1. You don't see too many covers now a days that just have artwork on them. I really like this cover and the colors they used. Great pick this week.
    You can check out my shelf candy here.
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  2. I love this illustration. The color and details are wonderful. Doesn't she look lonely? Thank you for sharing your pick, it's a goody.

  3. i haven't seen this book before. i wonder who the cover artist is. thanks for sharing. i am going to look this one up!