Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Helloooo Anaheim!! (ALA)

Hello there! And welcome to this special post dedicated to the two days I spent in Anaheim, CA to attend American Library Association.
I have some wonderful friends who are librarians and they suggested I tag along for a couple of days of fun, sun and books!

I was lucky to wander around Friday and Saturday in the Anaheim convention hall and received some very awesome ARCs from generous and friendly publishers.

I am very excited to read the following:

Through To You, Reconstructing Amelia- Harper Collins
The Darkest Minds- Disney-Hyperion
Eve & Adam, Necromancing The Stone- MacMillian
Throne of Glass- Bloomsbury
Entice- Sourcebooks
The Absent One- Penguin
The Raven Boys- Scholastic

Special Thank You to:
Penguin for their beautiful booth, book selection and kind people. Contagious excitement!

Soho Press for taking the time in a busy convention hall to stand and talk to me for a bit. The young woman I spoke to was sweet and very knowledgeable about all of the books!

MacMillian for being so welcoming and kind. The nice woman I spoke to was happy to speak about her favorite upcoming books.

Bloomsbury for the Throne of Glass signing. We were the last two girls in line and are forever thankful we got our books signed by the awesome Sarah J. Maas.

Sourcebooks for their fantastic selection and positive attitude. I went by their booth several times and each time one of the nice women standing there was super friendly and engaged me in conversation about their books!

Highlight of the weekend?
Meeting Captain Underpants!

No, really. That was pretty cool.

But the real highlight was Deborah Harkness again and buy a copy of The Shadow of Night, book two in the All Souls Trilogy.
Nothing NOT awesome about that.

I hung out with great friends like:
my fellow co-bloggers Alethea and Thuy from Read Now Sleep Later
Alyson Beecher from Kit Lit Frenzy
Nicole over at The Reader's Antidote
and made some new friends with some warm hearted and book loving librarians!

I cannot express how grateful I am to the authors and publishers who took the time out of their busy schedule to talk with me for a few moments about books and writing. And thank you also to the wonderfully generous people who handed me an ARC or two. I promise I only took books that I was interested in reading. I know us bloggers can get a bad rap about being grabby, but I am careful about what books I choose to spend my time on. There are too many good books out there!

Afterwards I stalked, I mean followed, some friends to a casual drinks party organized by Yalsa.
Where my friend Sophia spotted and then attacked, in a good and friendly way, Shannon Messenger and Kiersten White. And that's me in the middle!

And on that note, I need a nap.
Happy Reading!


  1. ooh you saw kiersten and shannon. awesome! i was trying to stalk shannon for katie since she was dying for a copy of her book but i kept missing her. and yes, sourcebooks was totally super nice! i talked to them several times and they were always awesome.

    fun times!

  2. ITA about Sourcebooks. Them and Harlequin were the class acts of the convention. Penguin was pretty awesome to me too.

  3. I'm biased--I already know the reps from Penguin and Scholastic Book Club, as well as one of the Simon & Schuster reps, so they were all lovely. I finally got to meet Kellie Celia from Walden Pond Press--love her to bits! I met a really nice editor from Candlewick (*heart flutters*), someone from Figment.com (loaded with awesome!) and Macmillan folks were so sweet. They had the best signings (that I could make it to! I'm not dissing the other booths, I just kept having meetings at the times they had signings I wanted to go to. :/ If only I could split into 4 other people and try to get to them all. So glad you had fun!