Monday, June 25, 2012

**Romance Report** Book Review: Improper Relations by Juliana Ross

Title: Improper Relations

Author: Juliana Ross

Publisher: Carina Press

Publication Date: April 2012

Genre: Adult Romance/Mature/Erotica

Series or Stand Alone: Stand Alone

Synopsis can be found here.
NetGalley review.

This steamy romance is entirely too short! Hannah is penniless after her husband's death and goes to live with her husband's cousin and his family. There she meets Leo, a handsome yet unfocused young man who enjoys life to its fullest. When she catches Leo and a maid having relations in the library, she is appalled and incredibly curious. Is sex supposed to be like that?
Leo suggests lessons and Hannah cannot refuse.
Of course, they can never be more together. Can they?

I loved Improper Relations. It's hot love scenes are fun and flirty. Leo is charming, smart and dashing, all you want in your typical romantic hero. Sure, he's sorta a man whore. But if Hannah doesn't seem to mind it, then why should you? Hannah knows their relationship is strictly for teaching/learning purposes. Right?

Hannah is a sweet character. She is a little beaten down so when Leo offers courses on her sexual awakening, she can't help but accept.

This novella is full of fun! Great plot, likable characters and scorching romance.

Rating: 9 Awesome like Cookies and Ice Cream

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