Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Exploring the Bookshelf (2)

Welcome back to another edition of Exploring the Bookshelf! I'm your host Kimberly, aka crazy bookwork with a blog.
I believe you can learn a lot about a person by browsing their book collection. 
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Today, my friend Thuy over at Read Now Sleep Later Lite will be sharing her bookshelves!

Take it away Thuy!

This is a pic of my two main bookshelves. It's not pictured but I also have another one of the tall ones on the right for just DVDs and I sometimes stash books there, too. But this is the main part of my fiction collection (cookbooks and non-fiction craft books go elsewhere).

This is the top portion of the smaller bookshelf. It houses mass market paperback of the romance and paranormal variety. It's double stacked and the books in the back are mostly my series books like JD Robb, JR Ward, Larissa Ione, Charlaine Harris, etc. As you can see, there are smaller piles of one offs or series I haven't started yet. I turned out the cover to My Life As A White Trash Zombie because it's awesome. 

The bottom part of that bookshelf is for my literary fiction. That actually is alphabetized. There are some favorites in there as well as books I haven't read yet.

The bottom part of the taller bookshelves houses my graphic novels, art books, and picture books. 

This is the top portion of the tall bookshelf. It started off as the YA/middle grade and biography area, but now it's all over the place. I have way too many YA books and had to start another area for them which you'll see in the next picture.

And this is my TV cabinet. Originally when I moved last year this thing was empty except for my DVD player and all that. But then I started running out of room for my YA books and they started going in there. The books in here are in no order at all and sometimes I have to dig into the back to find the book that I am looking for.

Thanks for stopping by Thuy!
You can follow Thuy via Twitter @fishgirl182 or visit her book blog Read Now Sleep later Lite where she reviews non-fiction, children's, romance books and everything in between!

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Until next time!


  1. wow my shelves look messy when you look at them this way. i swear they're not that messy, people! haha thanks for having me, kimberly.

  2. LOL - the mess of a true book lover :P At least yours are mostly in bookshelves - half of mine are in stacks on the floor!

    1. Um, me too! Stacks people. stacks.

    2. the ala books are totally on the floor. but they're also kind of hidden. :) makes me think i don't have very many books. ha!

  3. Thanks for having me. Your bookshelves look as clutter as mine. hehehe