Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday (23)

Hello fellow Book Worms!
Welcome to another edition of Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and the Bookish!
This week's question is:
Top Ten Favorite Beginnings/Endings In Books
Wow. So many, so many, so many.

1. Harry Potter series ending.
Brilliant. Tied up with enough left unsaid to still have my imagination run wild.

2. Wicked Lovely series ending.
Satisfying, dark yest still hopelessly romantic. Giving up a kingdom for love- how can you beat that?

3. Child 44 beginning
Stark, well written and gut twisting, this thriller begins on a high note and doesn't let up. First book in a trilogy.

4. The Original Sinners series beginning and ending
Amazing erotica series by one of my favorite authors. Strong, twisted and edgy, you love all the characters by the first book and drool over each installment until the climatic ending.

5. In Death series beginning
Say what you want, but there's a reason why Nora Roberts is a force to be reckoned with. Writing under her alias J.D. Robb, this book starts the In Death series with a bang. And after forty books and counting, it's still going strong.

6. Dark Lover beginning
Um, yeah. It's a vampire king who promises to take care of a lonely human woman when she goes through her transitioning. And he's not a very nice guy. Gripping, sexy and the beginning to one of my favorite books. It held me until the last page, and propelled me into the famous series.

7. Me Before You ending

I can't even talk about it. Grab a tissue. Read it for yourself.

8. The Hunger Games ending, Book One only
This is for book one's ending only. I loved this book, and was sad when books two and three didn't live up to my expectations. For me, book one is still the strongest and best.

9. The Shadow of the Wind beginning and ending
The beauty of this book hooks you at first and doesn't let you go, not until the ending is there and you are sad it is over.

10. A Reliable Wife ending
A gothic ending filled with hope, loss and the unspoken. 

Honorable mention:
My Name is Memory ending
So this book is supposed to be the beginning of a series, but no word on that yet. I read it probably 3 years ago and I'm still waiting for the sequel. Because that ending killed me. I just have to know what happened...

What is your TTT?

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