Monday, January 2, 2012

Pick Your A Thon- The Book Monsters Update & Wrap Up!

Here is my last update! This Read A Thon ends tomorrow, and I will post an update on this post so stay tuned!

Thanks once again to The Book Monsters for hosting this Read A Thon.

Mini Challenge #5 - Join Some Challenges!
I am taking place in the below challenges:

I'm really excited to be participating in all of these challenges. And I look forward to really getting through my TBR pile! (And returning some borrowed books to some dear friends.)

Mini Challenge #6-  Organizing Your Bookshelves

Slowly, I've separated my books into three categories
TBR pile
Borrowed books pile
and Read, Loved and Keep pile, which consist of three very large bookcases in my library.

Just for fun, here are some pics of some of my TBR pile. It's not a complete, but it's pretty close.
And these books are then categorized into


trade paperbacks (YA then Adult Fiction)

 In Death series

mass market paperback

I have brave plans this year to finish most of those books!


Finished Jessica Rules the Dark Side (309 pgs) review to come on The Windy Pages
starting new book soon. Can't decide. Must find coffee and omelet first. :)

1/3/2012 Wrap up!

Finished Mini Challenges 1, 2, 4, 5 & 6

Organized my TBR pile!

Finished The Juliet Spell

Read Under The Never Sky

Read Jessica Rules The Dark Side

Read Love Story by Jennifer Echols

Started Hallowed...

Total of approx 1,290 pages read during this read-a-thon!And had lots of fun!

Here's to 2012!


  1. welli went thrugh my today the book are going to the second had store and then they are the whole set of diana palmer which is about 30 of them and then another set of hard back i kept over 100 all autographed

  2. Oh that's amazing! I love going through my books and sending them off.. usually I donate them to the local public library. I like to pretend to see them there when I visit the library and I think- That was my book. I hope it's getting well read! :) Thanks for sharing Desitheblonde!