Saturday, January 7, 2012

Shelf Candy! (10)

Thanks to Five Alarm Book Reviews for hosting Shelf Candy every Saturday! 
My Saturdays are a lot more fun because of it!

This week my Shelf Candy is:

"The Apothecary" by Maile Meloy

Synopsis can be found

What's not to love about this gorgeous illustrated cover?

Beautifully done, soft and blurry lines both inside and outside the bottle. The bright orange belly of the bird sitting on the bottle, showing the size of the glass and the setting inside! Looks to me like London I say! The cover reminds me of a glass snow globe. We get to peer inside another world, a magical place and wonder what it's like.

The cover alone struck me and I bought it with only a glance to the summary flap. But after learning more about it, I am super eager to read this in the coming year!

Happy New Years Eve everyone!
Be safe and see you next year!!


  1. I love this cover! It is full of magic and mystery. It makes me want to know more about the package inside. Thank you for sharing it along with a beautifully put description.

  2. Very cool!! I love how "The Apothecary" is put inside the bottle!

  3. Hi, Kimberly! I'm a new follower, and just joined this awesome blog hop.

    I LOVE your choice! It's a very unusual cover, and that's what's so great about it! I'm going to look up this book through the link you've posted. Thank you so much for sharing! : )

    Maria @