Saturday, April 7, 2012

Shelf Candy Saturday!! (23)

Happy Shelf Candy Saturday!

Welcome to Shelf Candy Saturday and thank you to Five Alarm Book Reviews for hosting this weekly fun!

Today is my birthday (!!!) so I'm going to pick a new favorite series of mine to share for my Shelf Candy this week!

My pick is...

My review of The Kingdom can be found here.

My review of The Prophet is coming soon!

What is not to love about these covers?
Amelia Gray is a cemetery restorer. She travels around the south restoring old, neglected cemeteries. Oh, and she can see ghosts.

I think the covers highlight the eerie beauty of these books perfectly.
I especially love the crying angel on the first cover. The blue stone tones and the black ivy growing on the grave.

I'm telling, you, I read The Restorer in ONE DAY. Didn't get anything done that day. Had to keep reading. And the same for the other two. I heard there are at least another three planned for this series too so start reading now!
I can't wait!


  1. Ooh gorgeous! I will have to put all of those on my to-read list... Did you buy (and if so was it download or paper book) or borrow?

  2. LOVE these covers and LOVE the series! You are right...there is a really cool eerie beauty to them with a touch of the gothic. Really great choice!

  3. Ooooh, very interesting! I always love when a series has covers that truly match, and I especially love the leafy detail across all three covers. Very nice!

  4. What beautiful covers! I have never heard of this series before and will definitely have to add them to be to be read pile (mountain would probably be the better term!). I love the color choices and the detail on each one. The Ivy on the first, the water on the second, the candles/fire on the third, it makes me wonder if that element is tied into the stories themselves.

  5. Oh my! These are beyond amazing! They sound like such a terrific read too. Thank you for sharing them!
    - FABR Steph