Saturday, April 28, 2012

Shelf Candy Saturday!!! (26)

Thanks for Five Alarm Book Reviews for hosting this sugar coated fun!

And onto the Shelf Candy!

My Shelf Candy for this week:

Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce
can be found

There is so much beauty in this book cover. The highlighted face peaking out right side up in the red. The mirrored identical face, upside down with the black hair. The eyes of the wolf and the swirls of the blending of the images. The faces are girlie, young and angel like in contrast to the dark menacing presence of the wolf and his stalking eyes.

I saw this book in Borders, yes Borders when Borders was still around, and I bought it right away. I was lucky that this was perfect for me, a re-telling of Little Red Riding Hood.

It's not the fairy tale you remember. In fact, it's much darker and more sinister than I was expecting.
A fun story with an edge. Like the cover.


  1. Wow!!! Great choice! I didn't notice the wolf eyes until you mentioned them, but I love how both girls have their respective hairstyles from the shapes of the other girl's hair! Very pretty. Thanks for stopping by~

    The Bookish Poodle

  2. I've seen this cover so many times and it's just now that I'm realizing there's a wolf creature at the bottom. I was like WOW when did that get there? lol I didn't know this one was about little red riding hood. I'll have to read it. My Shelf Candy

  3. I am crazy about Sisters Red. The color combo is nice and I love the three distinct designs. This is a wonderful pick, thank you for posting it.

  4. ooh good one! i'd forgotten about how awesome the cover to this one is.