Saturday, October 22, 2011

Shelf Candy! (1)

Thanks to Five Alarm Book Reviews for hosting Shelf Candy every Saturday!
My shelf candy for this Saturday is:

I mean-
Come. On.

I know sometimes I can be late to the party but these covers are Ah-Maz-Ing.

If you haven't started reading the Hush Hush series by Becca Fitzpatrick-
What are you waiting for? :)
Romance, fallen angels, good vs. evil and a bad boy to fall for.

I fell in love with the breathtaking Hush Hush cover when I first saw it in the bookstore. The beautiful deep shadows and the striking red feathers highlighted by the sun, and shadowed black as they fall to earth. GORGEOUS.

The Silence cover is well done. I love the contrast of the white wash and the black angel wings, the silver wet and and the dark figures in an intimate pose. And Becca's name the only red on the cover. Brilliant.

I haven't read Silence yet, but this cover is so much darker, even the sky is a storm, that I anticipate it being a deep exciting story!

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  1. They are gorgeous covers, I agree - I especially like Hush Hush but I think this is the first time I've seen Silence and it's lovely too. :)

  2. I agree, these are great covers. I love the cover of Hush! Thanks for participating.