Thursday, September 20, 2012

Book Review: Alchemy by K.J. Wignall

Title: Alchemy

Author: K.J. Wignall

Publisher: Edgmont

Publication Date: September 2012

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal

Series or Stand Alone: Series, Book Two

Synopsis can be found here.
NetGalley review.

After reading the first book in the series, Blood, I was interested enough to carry on to read Alchemy. I'm glad I did because Alchemy really raises the bar.

Eloise returns to her old school and Will stays close, visiting her at night and continuing to research his history and the mysterious forces of a sorcerer named Wyndham. But every step they take, they are being watched. And not by forces that intend to help them.

Alchemy's fast pace drew me in and kept me reading. There are some scary scenes, reminding me of older vampire stories where the vampires do not sparkle. And that's one of the best things about this series. These people are dangerous. Like in book one, there is a strong sense of unease and darkness waiting for them everywhere.

The third person narrative worked nicely in this story, as the first person was NOT Will but.... Wyndham. Yes, reader. You get a small peak into the inside of the sorcerer's mind. Fun, well done and it played really well off of Will and Eloise's adventures. It also gave more depth to Wyndham as a character and didn't leave him as this flat, big baddie no one understands.

I still think Eloise and Will's romance is a bit of a stretch. I don't really feel the chemistry between them, and for Eloise to back up Will in these life and death scenarios seem far fetched. Yes, Will is dark, mysterious and sexy, so naturally all girls are going to fall for him. But the relationship still feels a little forced. 

Some questions are answered and more are revealed. I am now looking forward to reading Book Three.

If you like old fashioned vampire stories, real danger and creative scares, this is a great book for you! 

Rating 7 Pretty Cool, Would Recommend

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