Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ten things you don't know about me....


This is for the mini challenge- Write a post about YOU!
I already have a small About page, so here is a little extra info. in case you were wondering.
Read on... if you dare!

1. I do not eat the ends of hot dogs or sausages.

2. I am not a good cook. I try. I burn. :(

3. I went to college at Berklee College of Music and majored in Songwriting.

4. My guitar is purple. See?

5. I work in the music business.

6. I play guitar (badly), piano (super badly) and sing.

7. My favorite ice cream flavor is Chocolate Chocolate Chip from Haagen Daas.

8. I knit stuff. (Never socks.) Below, a scarf for my mum in law.

9. I love color coordinating things. My poor coworkers know this well.

10. I really enjoy animal hats, especially ones lined with fleece.  See awesome pic below.
I also collect umbrellas and winter coats. None of these things really come in handy when you live in Southern California.

Tell me something about you!!!


  1. you have more knit animal hats than i thought though i guess i should not be surprised. and i think it's funny that you don't eat the ends of hot dogs. totally tasty.

  2. LOL! I love #10. You're at least well-prepared for travel! Fun post, thanks so much for participating :)